National Distribution

Welcome to The Collab Group’s Distribution hub, a cornerstone of our commitment to delivering premium cannabis products nationwide. Our expansive network of retail relationships forms the backbone of our national distribution, allowing us to connect top-quality cannabis products with consumers across the country.

At The Collab Group, our distribution network is a testament to our dedication to seamless market access and unparalleled reach. With a broad and well-established network of retail partnerships, we facilitate the availability of premium cannabis products in diverse markets.

We take pride in our extensive reach, having successfully sold into over 150 retail stores in Massachusetts alone. This achievement underscores our proficiency in navigating complex markets, establishing strong retail relationships, and ensuring that our curated selection of cannabis products reaches consumers through trusted outlets.

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond distribution logistics. We prioritize building and nurturing relationships with retailers, fostering partnerships built on trust, reliability, and mutual success. This collaborative approach ensures that our products not only meet consumer demands but also thrive in the competitive retail landscape.

Experience the power of The Collab Group’s Distribution network, where a broad retail network, national reach, and a history of successful placements converge to bring top-tier cannabis products to consumers nationwide.